UKI Easter Egg Decorating Contest 2015

Salam dalam kasih Tuhan,

Melalui email ini kami - sie Bina Iman UKI - mengundang semua anak-anak (usia sekolah Junior Kindergarten s/d Elementary) Mudika untuk ikut meramaikan "UKI Easter Egg Decorating Contest 2015".
Contest akan diadakan pada hari Minggu April 5 setelah misa UKI di basement.
Contest rules dapat dilihat dokumen terlampir. 
Jika ada pertanyaan, silahkan menghubungi saya di email
Terima kasih.
Esther Kurniadi
Easter Eggs Hunt 2015
Salam dalam kasih Tuhan,
Mengenai UKI Easter Egg Contest, terima kasih kepada Bapak/Ibu yang telah mengirim email ke saya.
Untuk memperjelas mengenai tata cara Easter egg contest, saya copy kan contest rules and regulations berikut dan sedikit penjelasannya:
UKI Easter egg Contest rules & regulations:

1.       UKI Easter egg decorating contest is open to all students from JK (Junior Kindergarten) to High school, plus MUDIKA.

High school students and Mudika are welcome to join this contest as well.

2.       Only one entry per contestant will be accepted, and each entry must be the work of only one contestant (not a joint effort).

3.       Entry form must be completed for each entry upon arrival at UKI St. Anselm’s Church (basement), and contestants must be present with their decorated Easter eggs in person. All entries must be in by 2PM (before the mass). 

Due to limited space and time, Easter egg should be decorated at home (not at UKI), and bring the decorated Easter egg and the entry form to UKI before mass. There will be a designated table (follow the sign) and I will be waiting there.

4.       The artwork incorporates or reflects Easter and/or UKI theme.


5.       Only large hard-boiled chicken eggs may be used and entered, any artistic medium may be used to decorate the egg.

6.       Artwork will be judged based on original and personal creativity. For younger contestant, parents are allowed to help when only it is necessary, original creation and child’s creativity are the main criteria to be used in contest judgment.

The best decorated Easter egg wins! And there will be a lot of prizes to be won.

The winners will be announced on the same day after mass.

Jika peserta mencukupi, kami akan membagi peserta menjadi 4 kelompok sebagai berikut:
Kelompok   I  : untuk anak-anak dari JK s/d grade 2 
Kelompok  II  : untuk anak-anak dari grade 3 s/d grade 5
Kelompok III  : untuk anak-anak dari grade 6 s/d grade 8
Kelompok IV  : untuk grade 9 and above (termasuk Mudika)
Untuk mempelancar acara, silahkan mengisi entry form terlampir, atau rekan-rekan dapat mengirimkan langsung ke saya nama peserta, school grade/age dan contat info peserta.
Entry form/data peserta should be received before Friday April 3, 2015.

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